Self-Expression has limitless possibilities in ZTX

In ZTX, your digital identity is only limited by your imagination.

The ZTX Avatar Builder is a highly customizable web app that lets anyone create Avatars to use in ZTX and across social platforms. The Avatar Builder is already one of the most robust web3 Avatar creators and will allow even more customization in the future. It will be integrated into the core gameplay and ZTX experience. The list of features and wearables will continue to grow, with an expanding ecosystem of creator and partner-generated wearables. There are no rules on what your Avatar looks like, what style of clothes they wear, and every detail in between.

Every user will receive a plot of Land and a Home. By using decorator mode, users will be able to customize and decorate their property. Players can also harvest resources and mine minerals, which can be used to craft assets. These crafted assets come in a range of categories from placeables, which are furniture items used to decorate, to wearables, which are outfits for your Avatar. Each user's Land and Home are extensions of themselves, creating the unique ability to express one's identity.

This is what ZTX is all about; creativity, ownership, and a living web3 ecosystem built on freedom. Be exactly who you want to be, either a decorator, a rare resource collector, a clothing designer, or someone who has the coolest home ever imagined – it’s all up to you.

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