Your Home in ZTX

Your Home & Land in ZTX: A medium for Self-Expression & Gameplay

While Land and Homes in the metaverse are not novel concepts, ZTX distinguishes itself in the following ways:

  • Free - everyone who enters ZTX will be given their own plot of land and a base home when they start their journey.

  • No map - ZTX will not have a predefined map with a finite amount of land. This approach is too limiting and induces an unhealthy level of speculation that leads to less organic user-driven development. Instead, ZTX will be comprised of unlimited user-owned lands & community-owned Districts.

  • Tool - the base home unlocks core features of ZTX gameplay, which in turn enables users to earn and express themselves with no barrier to entry.

Additionally, by leveraging ZEPETO’s leading customization tooling, land in ZTX will be effortless and enjoyable to design and decorate.

When it comes to what ZTX Land offers:

Gameplay - Simply owning a free starter home unlocks the ability to plant, harvest, extract, and buy materials that can be used to craft assets, or can be sold for gold. It is the economic engine empowering users to create and earn. Please see the Gameplay section for more details.

Medium of Self-Expression - Due to its customizable nature, land is a creative medium for users to express themselves. Whether it’s choosing a Genesis home that fits your style, or decorating your land to be the gathering spot for your friends & community, your land is a new way for you to expand on your digital identity.

Immersive Social Experience - Users can explore their own land and the inside of their homes with their avatars. In future iterations, they will have the ability to invite friends over to explore their land and even host events.

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