Districts are self-governing communities within ZTX

ZTX introduces the concept of Districts.

ZTX is divided into Districts, which are like communities. To join a District, a user needs to own at least one home within that District. Each District has its own unique style that complements the experiences it offers. The development and direction of a district are determined by its members.

Initially, we will have 4 Districts:

  • Games

  • Arts

  • Financial

  • Fashion

Community-Oriented Building

While land empowers individual players, Districts empower communities to collaborate in building, playing, and earning. Each District manages its treasury, enabling members to propose and vote on fund allocations. Enhancing the Downtown areas of Districts through appealing experiences and aesthetics can draw in more users and generate rewards for the treasury.

Rewards can be generated through multiple avenues, such as:

  • District Builds - Structures and experiences associated with the District DAO that have economic output experiences. Each subDAO can build, commission, and host experiences like portal games, activities, or events and benefit from the rewards earned.

  • District Advertisement - Virtual billboards and branded facades/storefronts that are the subject of bids from brands, individuals, and DAOs.

Joining a District

To join a District DAO, players need to buy a District Home NFT, which comes with a plot of land. For instance, owning 4 District Homes grants you 5 unique homes and pieces of land—1 base home with land and 4 Genesis homes with their respective lands. Having multiple homes and lands enhances gameplay benefits for users.

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