Complementing every aspect of ZTX with rich social features

As one of the core pillars of ZTX, social integrations will be integrated into all aspects of gameplay and the ever-expanding set of experiences.

In future iterations of ZTX, we will introduce features that let users:

  • Add Friends

  • Invite friends to an experience/game

  • Chat with friends and other players

The social integrations of ZTX will focus on:

  1. Enabling ZTX users to develop new connections and relationships with like-minded individuals

  2. Strengthening and deepening already existing connections

Building upon the lists above, some examples of how social features will be integrated into ZTX experiences and gameplay include:

  • Friends list - Users can manage a friends list. Friends will be able to chat with one another in addition to inviting them to join in the current experience, such as exploring a District's downtown area or portal game.

  • Hosting - Users will be able to invite friends over to their property to hang out. All of the visiting users can chat with each other and experience activities like swimming in the pool or having a party.

  • Events - A great way to meet similar-minded users, events in each District will have social features that empower users to become friends

  • Chat - In open-world areas like Downtowns, users can communicate with other players in that instance. It will be up to users if they want to enable this feature and strict security measures will be taken.

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