Movement and Camera

Exploring ZTX with your Avatar

Moving around and exploring the world starts with the following mouse and keyboard basics. Press W or Up Arrow to move forward. To move backward, press S or Down Arrow. To move or strafe left press A or Left Arrow. To move or strafe right, press D or Right Arrow. To turn and face in a different direction while moving, move the mouse left or right. To auto run press \. To stop auto-running, press any of the movement keys. To toggle between walking and running hit the T key.

Change your view of the world by moving the mouse left, right, forward, and backward. Use the mouse to steer your avatar while moving. While standing still, you can look at your avatar from any angle by also moving the mouse. No matter which way you look with the mouse, pressing W or the Up Arrow will immediately turn you in that direction.

Press Space or Right Control to Jump. You can rebind all keys in the key binding section of the escape menu, accessed by hitting Escape and selecting Key Bindings.

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