Interacting with the World

To interact with objects in the world, move closer to them until you see an interactive prompt. The prompt tells you what type of interaction you can perform and the name of the object. If you do not want to interact with the object, simply move away. Interactions often depend on where the camera points or where your avatar stands.

Many interactive objects have panels associated with them. When a panel opens, you’ll have access to the cursor with your mouse or touchpad to make selections. Hover over interface buttons to see a snapshot of what they can do. Left click to select items which often brings up additional actions you can perform. To close a panel, simply hit X in the upper right-hand corner or Esc.

You can access many game features in the Sidebar Menu, accessed by unlocking the mouse with the Middle Mouse Button or the Left Control Key. Here you’ll find a number of options like Inventory, Home Decorator Mode, the Harvest Menu, the Avatar Builder, and more.

Lastly, you can access game options for key bindings, audio, graphics, and camera settings in the Escape Menu, accessed by the Escape Key.

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