Harvesting - Planting, Extracting, Harvesting

Plant, Grow, Extract, Harvest, Collect.

Your land is where all your resources are generated. Every craftable item in the Fusion Forge has a recipe with ingredients, which includes organics and/or minerals. Organics are plants and trees and can only be planted at your orchard. Minerals are metals, ores, industrial resources, and Dark Matter and can only be acquired from the mineral extractor.

For organics, select Harvest from the Sidebar Menu and select the Organic you wish to plant. Once selected, the camera will pan automatically to your orchard where you select which of the 4 plots to plant on. Organics take time as they go through the different growth stages. They all begin as a sapling and then grow to different sizes.

When your organic is at the adult stage, they are ready for harvest. To harvest your organic simply approach it, and an interactive prompt appears: [E] USE. Once harvested, all the resources go to the resources tab of your inventory.

For minerals, once the mineral extractor has completed its extracting job, you can unload the collected materials. All the resources go to the resources tab of your inventory. The Mineral Extractor can only extract one job at a time, so plan out the resources you need.

Both Organics and Minerals have three quality tiers - Common, Rare, and Legendary. When harvesting Organics or unloading Minerals from your Mineral Extractor, there is a % chance you will get a Rare or Legendary resource. You can see the % chance to get these different tiers of materials at three locations, the Harvest Menu, at an Organic itself while it is growing, and at the Mineral Extractor's Mineral Extraction screen.

Expedite Actions

Lastly, you can choose to execute the Skip Timers and Fast Extract, or Fast Harvest, functions. Skip Timers will enable you to pay $ZTX to finish a growth or extracting cycle to completion. Fast Extract, and Fast Harvest, will completely skip that cycle and grant you the selected resource immediately. An important aspect about Fast Harvest & Fast Extract, is that you can execute these actions even if you already have all 4 organic plots occupied, and if you already have an ongoing mineral extraction job.

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