How to craft your ZTX possessions

Crafting is the key to expressing yourself and it all begins at the Fusion Forge, located in your home. You can create wearables, furniture, and decor items by simply providing the necessary resources and currencies (gold or $ZTX or a combination of both depending on the item) and hitting Start Job. The Fusion Forge will break down all the resources into core molecular elements and reknit them together into a beautiful, finished item – but this takes time.

To get started, look through all the preloaded recipes in the Fusion Forge to see what resources are needed. This will help you plan how to use your land as you decide what plant is in your orchard and what minerals to extract at your extractor.

Keep in mind, each item crafted at the Fusion Forge becomes an NFT, granting you ownership. Once a crafting job begins, you can monitor the remaining time. Upon completion, head back to the Fusion Forge to claim your crafted item.

Placeable items appear in the Placeable section of the left Sidebar Menu.

Wearables appear in the Wearables section of the left Sidebar Menu.

Capsules appear in the Consumables section of the left Sidebar Menu.

You can buy or sell resources for gold using the Trade System on the left Sidebar Menu. It's useful when you need specific resources quickly and don't want to wait for a full crafting cycle. It's also a way to accumulate gold. Initially, values are fixed, but future updates will introduce player-to-player trading.

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