Genesis Homes

The Genesis Home Collection: Expanded utility, gameplay, and value

The ZTX Genesis Home Mint is the first-ever NFT collection to be released by ZTX.

The collection consists of 4,000 unique 3D-rendered District Home NFTs. Each one is an immersive in-game asset that grants holders access to one of the four Districts within ZTX.

Why are they called 'District Homes'?

There are 8 trait categories for the Genesis Homes, with one of the most important being the District trait. This trait connects the home to on of the four ZTX Districts and gives the owner access to that District’s governance and perks. District Homes are different than base homes in multiple ways, including the fact that base homes will never have a District Trait.

What is the utility?

These are not your average NFTs...

  • Immersive & Useable — each NFT will be actually usable inside ZTX, serving as your home in the metaverse. You will be able to enter the home and customize it using the decorator mode.

  • Boosts to Gameplay — While all land and Homes are integral parts of gameplay, Genesis District Homes will offer boosted perks for the owners. Such examples could include faster harvesting times and more options to craft from. Additionally, by owning more Homes you have more opportunities to participate in gameplay since each home is it’s own plot of land.

  • Access to Districts — In the future, you will gain access to one of the four Districts. You will be able to propose and vote on ideas that impact the District and it’s treasury.

Example: Let’s imagine you mint a Games District Home, or maybe buy it on the secondary. As a Games District Homeowner, you become a DAO member of the Games District. You might propose a new game to be added to the District experiences. If your proposal is approved, the DAO can vote to hire a designer and a game developer. Once launched, your District can make the experience gated for all ZTX players when they enter the game. As more ZTX players play your game, your DAO can choose to recognize your idea and provide you with a gift, which you can split between all of the members, and keep the rest for further project funding development. OG Community — Join the community of the earliest ZTX supporters (the OGs) with rewards unlocking as ZTX grows, such as access to exclusive drops, beta launches, and channels. Become one of the first settlers.

  • Unique 3D Collectible — Last but not least, each District Home will be one-of-a-kind, bespoke 3D-modeled artwork tradable on secondaries. The Genesis traits will be unique, making these early Homes a prized collectible as ZTX develops. The Genesis Home Collection will continuously bring value to its holders over time, unlocking new possibilities, gameplay advancements, rewards, and more!

Where can I buy a Genesis Home?

The ZTX Genesis Homes mint SOLD OUT on OpenSea and is now tradable on secondary marketplaces.

Browse and purchase from the ZTX Genesis Collection here

Note on multiple Homes

For every Genesis Home you own, you will get a new piece of associated land with it. This home does NOT overtake the base home you are given, instead, they are additional plots of land and homes for you to use. This means that if you collect 4 Genesis Homes, you will have 5 pieces of land with 5 individual homes on them (1 base home land/home and 4 unique genesis homes with their own associated pieces of land).

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