$ZTX Capsules

Capsules are special items users can craft via their crafting forge. These only exist in limited supply and might not last until the end of Season 1. While Capsules require a special material, Dark Matter, to be crafted, they are also unlike any other item in ZTX. Capsules cannot be placed in your home or on the land, instead they can be exchanged for $ZTX tokens.

There are several different tiers of capsules, ranging from fairly easy to craft to more time-consuming and scaling in value. To see the amount of $ZTX in each tier of Capsule, refer to the crafting forge and the Capsule's recipe.

Users who craft Capsules and have them in their inventory will be able to click the Capsule and then “Exchange to $ZTX.” They will be taken to the Player Profile within ztx.io website to complete the transaction. Users will need to have ETH for transaction fees to successfully claim the $ZTX tokens. Users will also need to ensure they log into the same smart account on the web as they did in-game, using the same wallet from Metamask. Once the capsule is traded in, the associated capsule will be removed from a user's inventory an the associated amount of $ZTX will be deposited into their wallet.

Genesis Capsules

Genesis Homeowners will soon have the exclusive ability to craft Genesis Capsules - which contain a higher amount of $ZTX.

Genesis Capsules can only be crafted if two additional requirements are true:

  • You possess Genesis Dark Matter, a material that can only be collected via a mineral extractor on the land of a Genesis Home.

  • Crafting can only happen if you use a crafting forge within a Genesis Home.

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