Core Loop

Collect, Craft, Use.

The release of ZTX Beta is primarily focused around self-expression and the decoration of your own home, land, and avatar. To do so, you first have to craft items to place on your land by using organics & minerals, also known as Crafting Materials. Crafting materials are off-chain resources that you can grow and extract from your land in the designated spots behind your house.

In your crafting forge, located within your house, you can find an array of recipes you can craft items with. Each recipe has it’s own set of requirements that have to be fulfilled before continuing to craft the item.

Besides crafting materials, another requirement to craft is the payment of a crafting fee. Most crafting fees are paid in Gold, the soft currency in ZTX. Earn Gold by collecting and selling crafting materials via the in-game Trade System. Other recipes require you to pay the crafting fee in $ZTX, the on-chain token of ZTX.

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