Arcadia is an explorable land within ZTX that exists outside of any individual player's owned land. This is an ever-evolving area of ZTX that will continue to grow with new games, activities, explorable areas, social interactions, and more!

Players can travel to Arcadia from any of their homes via the transportation portal. Players can also travel back to any of their owned lands via the transportation portals that exist in Arcadia.

Arcadia will be constantly evolving with new experiences to engage in. Some of these experiences are below.

Treasure Track

In Treasure Track, players have a limited time to explore the areas of Arcadia for treasure chests that are filled with rewards. Be sure to listen for clues as you get closer to hidden treasures. If within proximity of a treasure chest, a prompt will appear to open the treasure and reveal the prize within.

Bank Bucket

In Bank Bucket, players will have a limited number of shots to shoot the basketball into the Basketball Hoop. This activity is also time limited, so be sure to keep up a good pace when shooting the available shots. As a basket is made, the basketball hoop will move faster, increasing the difficulty of each subsequent shot. As players make baskets, they will be notified of the rewards they earn.

Moon Shot

In Moon Shot, players will be transported to a golf pad, where they will get a limited number of golf balls to hit various targets in the sky. Each target will be associated with a reward, so be sure to aim wisely at the reward you are after. Players will need to use proper aim and proper swing speed to control the trajectory of the golf ball. This activity is also time limited, so be sure to keep a good pace when hitting the available golf balls. As players hit targets, they will be notified of the rewards they earn.

Arcadia is an area that will continue to grow and evolve with new rewards, social interactions, competitions, areas to discover, and more!

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